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It’s not checking a box.
It’s thinking outside it.

Delivering Jobs.

  • Delivering Jobs

        Right now, 81% of Intellectually Different people don't have what most of the rest of us have.
        A job. An opportunity. Really, just a chance to prove that the skills, and the perspectives, that they bring to the workplace are different from those already present in the workplace.
        And different perspectives bring a wholistic, 360° view that only a truly diverse workplace can provide.
        Is it a big problem without a solution? Yes, it is a big problem. But no, it’s not unsolvable.
        And that’s where Lean&Mean is lending a hand. First, by raising awareness about just how pervasive the problem is. And then by providing hard facts about what the Intellectually Different can bring to a company.
        That they can raise morale within an organization. That one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, Harvard, says that employing people with Intellectual Differences can improve products, services and bottom lines. That Hollywood has hired some pretty famous Intellectually Different actors.
        That by hiring these people, you’re not checking a box.
        You’re making sure, with all the talk about inclusiveness, that one thing happens.
        Everyone is included.