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We are Lean&Mean.

And our business cards reflect that leanness.

  • Business Card
  • Business Card

        We chose the name “Lean&Mean” for one very good reason.
        As a fledgling advertising agency, we didn’t have the luxury of working in a cool office space tricked out with Eames furniture. And expensive paintings by Basquiat.
        In fact, when we first started, we didn’t have any furniture. Or office. Or artwork. We were so lean, we were working out of one of our apartments.
        So, we wanted our business cards to reflect that leanness.
        Why not make it appear as if we cut up a Chinese restaurant menu?
        With each person’s cards printed with a series of different sections of that “menu.”
        If you like the resourcefulness and agility that our business card represents, let’s get together.
        So you can get one for yourself.