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Halo Force throws a retirement party for “wellness.”

If you think “Wellness” and “Healthiness” are synonymous, you’ve been in too many Patchouli-laced aromatherapy sessions.

  • Halo Force

        No matter how many hot stone massages you’ve had.
        No matter how many mud baths. Or seaweed wraps. Or eucalyptus inhalation booths you’ve ensconced yourself in, one fact remains.
        Most studies, with few exceptions, find that wellness programs do not appreciably improve one’s health.
        They’re not going to improve our life expectancy ranking in the world.
        Which is an embarrassing 53rd.
        And they’re not going to break the addiction what we, as a nation, have to sugar. The average American consumes 170 pounds of the white stuff. And with it, comes some not-so-sweet diseases. Diabetes. Obesity. Heart disease. And the perfect fuel for cancer.
        Our client, Halo Force, thought it was time for a change. For a movement. Away from wellness and toward healthiness. And, if that change was going to come quickly, it would have to come from more than one company.
        So Halo Force connects and empowers fast growing, healthy savvy companies, entrepreneurs, seasoned executives and capital providers who share one powerful belief.
        That America can be a whole lot healthier.
        Then it was up to Lean&Mean to give Halo Force a voice. We did it with full-page ads written to the financial community, direct mail to key stakeholders, and online videos. We even helped them conceive and organize an event. The Wellness Retirement Party, complete with a cake, of course. Hundreds of health business owners heard how Halo Force has a pretty ambitious plan.
        To retire wellness, and totally redefine the Health financial sector.
        So what perception do you need changed? What movement would you like to create?
        We’re ready whenever you are.
        Because we can’t wait to go to another party.