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FBL cited as best outdoor campaign in history.

Why be so proud of an advertising campaign that sold absolutely nothing?

  • Foundation For A Better Life

        Over the years, we’ve sold pretty much everything.
        Milk. And the cereal that would be very lonely without that milk.
        Cruise lines. And the diet to counteract the effects of too many midnight buffets.
        We’ve sold light bulbs. Computers. Kitchen appliances. And the power company that would bring all those things to life.
        Straight Alabama bourbon whiskey. And the antiperspirant you’d need if the wrong person found out you’ve had too much whiskey.
        Cars. Trucks. Cameras. Copiers. Newspapers. Medications for people. Medications for dogs. Etc, etc, etc.
        So imagine our surprise when, over two decades ago, The Foundation for a Better Life came us with one, strange objective.
        Sell nothing.
        Just connect virtues that everyone should have—like Courage, Patience, Joy, Perseverance—with people who embody those virtues. Real people. Celebrities. Whoever. And encourage everyone who has those virtues to pass them on to someone else.
        Now, here we are, twenty years and millions and millions of impressions later. And no, that “millions” thing isn’t a hyperbole. Our latest billboard, which featured Malala, was supposed to deliver nine million impressions.
        So far, it’s delivered 19 million and counting. We overdelivered by 10 million impressions.
        It’s numbers like those that inspired the Outdoor Advertising Association of America to cite our billboard campaign as “the most successful public service campaign in the history of outdoor advertising.”
        Quite a statement, considering the OAAA was founded in 1891.
        So maybe you have a product that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. And we, well we have a history of overdelivering.
        It’d be a shame if we didn’t get together.