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Top recruiting firm recruits Lean&Mean.

Expert listening animals help sell expert listening recruiters.

  • Lack+Daily

        Like they say, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
        That being the case, Lack+Daily, a specialized executive recruiting firm, chose Lean&Mean.
        Maybe it was our ability to drill down to Lack+Daily’s DNA. To their very core. To what sets them apart from the average, everyday, run-of-the-mill recruiters. And, when that process was complete, we found a point of difference.
        Some would call it a Unique Selling Proposition. We just call it “cool.”
        They listen.
        Sounds simple? Yes. Too simple? No. Because in a world where some recruiters have their own agenda, or see candidates as a number, or forget about someone once they’ve placed them, Lack+Daily took a longer view.
        And asked themselves the right questions, like “How will this person’s personality fit within the corporate culture of a Kraft Foods. Or a Colgate-Palmolive. Or a J&J?”
        Then they ask their candidates and clients more questions. And listen for the answers.
        Really listen.
        So how can Lean&Mean show how well Lack+Daily’s recruiters listen in a fresh, interruptive, unexpected way?
        By not showing Lack+Daily’s recruiters.
        And by showing animals who have an incredible sense of hearing and listening. And drawing some interesting comparisons.
        Which seemed like the perfect way to distinguish Lack+Daily from the boring, cliched, executive-pensively-looking-out-the-window way other firms depict themselves.
        Lack+Daily told us they wanted to stand out. So we took a page from their playbook.
        We listened.