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Nick Buoniconti


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        Back in 1985, Nick made a promise to his son, Marc. A son who was paralyzed from the neck down playing the game, and the position, that Nick loved. A promise that he would do everything in his power to fix it. To find a cure. For us, and we hope for you, Nick’s promise will never know defeat. And will never die.
        Soon after Nick jumped in, so did we. Back then, conventional wisdom said, “There is no cure for paralysis.” But unconventional thinking said, “Maybe there is.” Nick believed it. We believed it. And, some scientists believed it, too.
        And so, in a conference room with Nick Buonoconti at the table, we shared an ad. And asked everyone to try it. At that moment, Nick, and everyone else in the room, knew what paralysis felt like. And we knew something else. What working for such a worthy cause feels like.