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For All Moonkind gets proposal for UN resolution.

Any agency will promise you the moon. Only one actually delivered it.

  • For All Moonkind

        It started the way all great accomplishments do.
        As a wish. A dream. A crazy “what if”? But it wasn’t that whimsical “wishing upon a star” stuff. Our client was shooting for the Moon.
        Quite literally.
        Six Apollo landing sites, the first one immortalized by Neil Armstrong’s most famous climb down a ladder ever, and five others no less significant, are threatened to be desecrated by nations and private companies who plan to return to the Moon.
        Imagine some tricked out Lunar rover riding roughshod over Buzz Aldrin’s iconic footprints. Which, by the way, are still intact since there’s no wind or weather on the Moon.
        Those hallowed sites have to be protected. And quickly.
        So we created a name for the cause—For All Moonkind. We created a logo. A look. A bunch of digital advertising. Print ads. An experiential installation that will travel the world. Daily social media postings that not only caught the eye of the United Nations, but got serious consideration.
        All so that For All Moonkind could get agreement within the international community, and Lean&Mean could generate awareness for an issue that people weren’t even thinking about.
        Last year, the United Nations adopted language for a resolution to begin the process of officially protecting the six Apollo landing sites and other lunar landing sites. It marks the first time that our heritage in outer space was recognized on an international level.
        And that was only seven months after For All Moonkind was first introduced to the public.
        We’ll bring that same creativity, agility and determination to whatever advertising problem you need solved. And we’ll move heaven and earth to do it.
        Which, after delivering the Moon, doesn’t seem so far fetched.